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This project was born to show that even with an extreme kind of music like heavy metal is, it is possible to talk about Jesus Christ and the Gospel, to bring his message closer the young ones and spread for them words of love and spirituality, using just the way the band feels, the way of rock. Another aim of the project is the collecting funds on behalf of the missions all over the world. Metatrone start their journey at the end of 90s. Each member was coming from different musical experiences (from AOR to power/progressive metal) when they founded the band in 1998. In 2001 as the founder member Davide Bruno started his spiritual pilgrim and, following the calling, entered the Seminary of Catania, the band felt the beneficial effects of this new event. Since then they all started their own personal pilgrim, not only in music, but even in life and they began to write lyrics truly and deeply inspired on a growing Catholic faith.

Joe Lombardo - Vocals (Orion Riders)
Stefano Calvagno - Guitar
Virgilio Ragazzi - Bass
Tony Zappa - Drums (Orion Riders)
Davide Bruno - Keyboards

Progressive power metal, symphonic power metal
Catania, Italy
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2016 Eucharismetal 1069
2010 Paradigma 969
2009 Reborn in Christ (single) 846
2006 The Powerful Hand 1101
2006 La Mano Potente 1182

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