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Exousia is a Melodic Black Metal band from Mexico, it began in 1998 with just 2 members: Miguel Martinez (guitar) and Eduardo Armijo (drums), after that entered to the band Miriam Lopez (keyboards and bgv vocals) Marco Perez (vocals) and Carlos Osnaya (guitar). The vision of this band is not to be known or famous but to spread a very positive message for an underground generation that is being destroyed more and more.
They began with the album "Serpiente de Bronce" that was death/black metal with some influences of thrash and hardcore, with this album they started playing in lots of places in Mexico and some known festivals like the Brutal Fest and Death Metal Force with some of the most extreme and known bands in Mexico, after that they released their second album named "Welcome to the kingdom of light" in 2001, with this album the international gates were open and the band got the oportunity to be on tour in Center and Latin America countries like Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama and Brazil; in July they played with the band Mortification in some concerts in Mexico.

In 2002 the band continue giving concerts with the female black metal band Deborah, and started a second tour in Center and South America spreading their extreme and explicit message to the people on this concerts, the impact of this presentantions were recorded in the DVD Exousia Alive.

In 2003 Exousia released the album Conquer, taking the concept of the most awesome history about the most great champion of this world, of the life of the person that changed the history of humanity in before and after, conquering the whole world without shedding the blood of anyone but His own, His name is JESUSCHRIST.

After the launch of this album the band began another tour in Mexico and went on tour to Finland where they played in the Underground Festival in Helsinki.

Exousia continues playing and motivating the underground people for a change in their lifes.

The concert in Helsinki Finland was recorded in a DVD that is going to be released in November 2007 ... stay in contact...

Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Year Title Rating Views
2004 Conquer 4229
2003 Exousia Alive DVD 870
2001 Welcome to the Kingdom of Light 4893
1999 Serpiente de Bronce 4517

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