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Call to Preserve

XCTPX Is A Christian Straight Edge Band
always have been, always will be

Today, many bands in hardcore claim to have formed out of the necessity for a true and sincere hardcore band in a scene thats saturated with fashion and fakes. Although the same claim could be made about Call to Preserve, their inception lies much deeper than just a reactionary response to those around them. Formed in early 2003 on Floridas Space Coast, Call to Preserve was started by lifelong friends who wanted to play music that was fast, intense, and brutal, but also had a message that was honest and represented the beliefs they shared growing up together. What resulted was an assault of strong hardcore anthems about faith, perseverance, friendship, loyalty, and the straight-edge lifestyle that they adhere to. After self-releasing a five song EP in 2005 and booking several tours around the east coast, Call to Preserve has gained momentum in Florida's crowded hardcore scene and has become known for their heavy, yet catchy songs, and an energetic live show that wont disappoint. XXX

Tough Guy Hardcore
Rockledge, Florida
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2011 Validation 845
2010 Life of Defiance 877
2008 From Isolation 9529
2006 Unsinkable 7688

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