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Divine Symphony

The horde DIVINE SYMPHONY came into existence around 2001 in the city of Manaus, capital of the Amazon State in Brazil, when guitarist Kelton Kellyo met bassist Wilson Amaral. From that point onward the search began for others who would complete the horde. Finding Ivan Santana (guitar), Jonathas Carlos (drums) and Janderson Moreira (vocals), by July 2001 the horde was baptized as DIVINE SYMPHONY with the plain intention of creating a brutal sound and much symphony.

Some time later the horde acquired a more symphonic quality with the addition of Alexandre Colares (keyboards) and the beautiful voice of Isabel Fernandes. However while recording their debut album in March 2004, Ivan Santana announced that he would step down from his post as guitarist for personal reasons. He was replaced by the talented Pedro Maia, who was then replaced by Carlos Cherman. The band has already started demoing their yet untitled second album. The general theme is based on the history of Christianity as written by Justo L. Gonzalez.

Janderson Moreira - Vocals
Kelton Kellyo - Guitar
Carlos Cheman - Guitar
Wilson Amaral - Bass
Alexandre Carvalho - Keyboards
Jonathas Carlos - Drums

Isabel Fernandes - Female Vocals

melodic metal, black metal, thrash metal
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