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Joel Quartuccio - Behemoth Of The Vocals
Tyler Ross - Conductor, Producer, Axe Master.
Ralph Sica - Lord of the Bass.
Shad Hamawe - Titan of the Toms.

Spawned from the frigid wastelands of Southern California, Vanguard is a 4-piece Classical Metal outfit. We take our music, our art, and our production very seriously. Vanguard appeared, not on the map, but in a manner of speaking, below it, when, in December 2005, they formed a sworn secret alliance to create the most triumphant, devastating music of their lives. For 8 solid months Vanguard remained a myth, a legend passed on from a bard in a neighbouring town, but nothing more. The name itself was not discovered until late April the following year, and few were even certain of the existence of this famed brotherhood.

Nonetheless, the Alliance held its pact, and nearly a year later emerged, four hardened knights, prepared to serve their Lord Jesus Christ on the front lines. We will serve our Lord to the death, and we write our music as a testament to the victory which we find in him. Much like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, we believe that music is that which elicits an emotional response from the one exposed to it. Thereby, we are influenced not only by music which is of a similar manner to ours, but by any composition from which we can draw a valid emotional response. We stand for honor, we stand for valor, we stand for metal. We are soldiers in the service of the living God. We are Armed with Truth, Shielded in Faith, and Girded in Love.

Progressive, Classical Metal, Death Metal, Deathcore, Folk, Viking,
San Diego, California
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2009 Bring Hope (EP) 751
2008 Erek and Ivor 12249
2008 Ivors Return (EP) 1092
2006 Dragon Slayers (EP) 4300

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