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7th Overture

Band Members
Justin Hoffman: Guitar, Wailing Solos, background vocals
T. Lane: Bass
Brandon Moore: Drums, Percussion
Shane Rock: Keyboards,background vocals
Martin DeBourge: Lead Vocals

Midwest Progressive Metal Band. 7th Overture is a 5 piece Progressive metal band from Peoria, Illinois. They're Christians and they're not afraid to write songs about it. They have been playing together since 2003 and in that time have put together an arsenal of non-standard & uniquely structured songs. Using the unified musical backgrounds of all five members, they create an exciting, eclectic and sometimes surreal set of rhythmically complex & epic sounds. Locally, they have made a name for themselves in both the secular and Christian music scene, setting forth a mission to awaken those which are spiritually lost and uplift those who aren't satisfied with standard contemporary Christian music.

Progressive , Metal
PEORIA, Illinois
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