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Scourged Flesh

Scourged Flesh is a 3-piece Death/Thrash Metal band from Perth, Western Australia. The band was formed in Febuary 2006 by brothers David and Todd Kilgallon and they brought in their good mate Simon Bracegirdle to play bass guitar. Scourged Flesh recorded their debut album "Released From Damnation" in September 2006 and also did a few gigs. Simon also left the band in September 2006 to focus on spending time with family and also his upcoming marriage. Simon remains the best of mates with Dave and Todd. In 2007 Scourged Flesh have a new bass player, his name is Scott Lockyer. Scott is a excellent bass player so the future of Scourged Flesh is looking very good. Scourged Flesh have booked more studio time in August 2007 to record an "EP" of the new material. (From their MySpace page)

This is the perfect band to listen to if you are into brutal death metal, yet still prefer your music to have a bit of melody and groove.

Current Members:
Todd Kilgallon - Vocals, Guitar (2006 - ?)
Dave Kilgallon - Drums (2006 - ?)
Scott Lockyer - Bass, Backing Vocals (2007 - ?)

Former Members:
Simon Bracegirdle - Bass (Feb 2006-Sept 2006)

death, thrash
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2009 Welcome to the End of the World 693
2007 Bury The Lies 867
2006 Released From Damnation 1007

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