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Symphonic Slam

Featuring LES CARLSON (of Bloodgood) on vocals

Symphonic Slam, PKA Timo Laine.
Timo Laine, the groups founder has become known as the Father of the Guitar Synthesizer. In addition to being a master guitarist, Timo has applied his talents into expanding the guitar into guitar synthesizer technology. His new CD, Her Fire, reflects the long awaited results. Much earlier in Timo's career, he released an album with A&M Records worldwide. The recording ended up as being the first major guitar synthesizer work. The album was called "Symphonic Slam."
Timo has performed with acts such as the Rolling Stones, BB King, Tina Turner, Rush, and Chuck Berry, to name a few.
Today, on the Her Fire CD, Les Carlsen, former lead singer and dancer for the musical "Hair" and more recently, "Bloodgood" sings many of the lead vocals. He also fronts the band in live performance. Noe Cruz, Timo's bass man since the early years, performs with an aggressive edge on this work. Noe replaced Jimmy Haslip, during the production of the SSII album in the eighties. Jimmy, since then, went on to form the group Yellow Jackets. Bob Winn plays the Roland V-drums on Her Fire. Guest artist include: Mike Meucci, Mark Vaughn, Dennis Brown, and Larry Class.
For anyone interested in the older releases, Musea Records acquired the rights from Universal Records, to re-issued the first Symphonic Slam album as a cd in 2002 world wide.
It Can be purchased on, or go to any search engine and type in Timo Laine Symphonic Slam, for more information.

Progressive Rock
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