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Jupiter VI


PETER BRAUN (Jimmy P. Brown II) - vocals/guitars
HELMUT STEGEL - guitars/bckg vocals
DARBY FLOWERS - piano/keyboards

-In the mid 1980's, a band came crossing boundaries like no other that the music world had seen at that time. They mocked, shocked and brought a whole new meaning to the term controversial. Having been subjected to mind altering experiments, their identities and cause as a band seemed to vanish overnight! No one would remember them as they were secretly transported to their new home; the Planet Mars!
-Living in exile took some time for the boys to get used to, not to mention the culture shock of being conspicuously placed on a planet that was 55 million kilometers away from their home. That is if both Earth and Mars were on the same side of the Sun. If in opposite sides, they could be as far as 399 million kilometers away from their home, but that is neither here nor there.
-At that time, the boys: Peter Braun (their fearless leader), Helmut Stegel (Peter's trusty side kick), Spirios Filios (illegal alien to U.S. from Greece ) and Remedios Innocentes (a Spanish immigrant who got caught in transport) decided to continue their musical journey and entertain the inhabitants of Mars with their ranting songs of an unfair planet called Earth! They eventually recruited a local Lucidian (Darby Flowers) to play keyboards for the group.
-The inhabitants of Mars (primarily their capitol city of Lucidia ) took to the boys rather quickly. Peter and Helmut are natives of Deutschland ( Germany ) and spoke many languages to boot. In this case, they were very lucky to find that the Lucidian language is very close if in not most ways identical to the German language. Some natives of Lucidia said that this was a result of a faint transmission they received in Earth time 1936 stating let the games begin!. The lucidian's liked the sound of the language, and since it was already similar to their own, they adapted a great deal of the vernacular to the Lucidian dialect of Mars.
-Their fame became widespread, but seeing that wealth and fame do not go hand in hand on Mars, the boy's were indeed very famous, but hardly wealthy! So, they worked day jobs in various Leibe Juice's (Martian Coffee Shops) and played their music at night. When they did save enough of their well earned credits (currency) to purchase a traveling vessel, the boy's decided that they had all missed home very much and figured they had been exiled for long enough. The headed home for Earth.
-After returning home, they landed in the Mojave Desert . The closest city they could reach was Las Vegas. They realized that the instruments on the Traveling Vessel were way off course seeing that they thought they were heading to Munich , Germany . But now, they would call this oasis in the middle of the desert their home. As they began to scour the music scene, they were intrigued, distraught, displeased and quite frightened at all the changes that had taken place in music since they were last here. Sometimes the changes were so drastic that they only lasted a few months. And Peter's discontent with the terrible lyrical content that seemed to speak nothing of hope or anything close to the true human experience left him very emotional. He immediately went to work on a musical story of his own life over the past few years. He called it Back From Mars
-And now, in 2006 Peter, Helmut, Spirios, Remedios and the newly acquired Darby would take on the world of music again today! Jupiter VI is back, and with a story to tell that very well may warm the cockles of your heart. Or maybe even any other part of your anatomy if you wish! ;)

U.S.A. & Mars
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