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Tempest began in Evansville, Indiana back in 1985. Then as a one man band named Travail. Once forming member Mick/Mikk Rowe found out that Travail means labor pains, he decided to change the name to Tempest. Along with the name change came a band, including Mick's brother Jamie. In 1987 they signed a record deal with Pure Metal Records for 3 albums. Later it turned out that Pure Metal was under the impression that they had signed another band named Tempest, from Ohio. But when the ink was dry, nothing could change that. Here is what Mick himself had to say about the story: "Long story short. Pure Metal heard our six song demo and made an offer. They wanted to sign our sound. They just thought we were the Ohio Tempest. They thought we were that band with a new bass player. they thought our 6 song demo was the new direction for the Ohio Tempest."

Vocalist J.R. (Jamie) Rowe left the band to join Guardian. Guitarist Mick Rowe also has been in Midnight Orchestra, Goliath, and Ninteen88.

Melodic Heavy Metal
Evansville, Indiana, USA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2016 Hollywood Anti Sleaze Rock n' Roll (EP) 887
2009 Eye of the Storm-20th Anniversary 998
2003 Tempest 1989 Final Show 1539
1999 Lost In the Storm 1819
1997 Limited Edition 1724
1988 Eye Of The Storm 3113
1987 A Coming Storm 2176
1987 In His Name 954
1986 Demo 804

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