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Grave Forsaken

"Grave Forsaken is a ministry focused Christian heavy metal band. We aim to use the metal ministry to spread the gospel throughout our home town of Perth, Western Australia.

We aim to do this through live shows and recordings. We want to give the people who like what we do real value. This we try to produce all of our music cheaply, so we can pass it on for the absolute lowest cost. We are not for profit, so making money is not an issue.

When we play live, we don't compromise on our message. We believe too many Christian bands these days leave out the ministry side of things, for fear they will turn people off. We believe God has called to boldly proclaim him through our music, not to shy away. It also can't be denied that we aim to entertain people who come to watch us. We worship the Lord as we play our music, and have a good God time. " (

History (As compiled by IronGuardian)
Formed in 2004, all the members coming from various other amateur Christian bands. Through a series of coincidence (or divine intervention), they all ended up in the same band together for a gig at a talent quest. They decided that playing together was so much fun that they changed the name of the band to Grave Forsaken and started writing new songs.

After a series of local gigs, including an innovative idea of having Grave Forsaken play at a local church, during the normal 9am service, they decided to record a demo. The demo was self titled and self produced. The demo contained 4 songs and was given away for free to anyone who wanted it. The songs were also up for download initially (until they signed with Rowe Productions, but more on that later). The demo quickly sold out and they released another version of it, with updated artwork. These are still available from the website.

These demos, especially the original, are very valuable (musically, not monetarily...yet) as they contain versions of Death on the Cross and Celebrity Judge and the Sinners Part 1 the way the were intended to be played. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the band play live will notice a few differences between how those two songs sound on the full album and when played live. Apart from bootleg recordings, the demo's are the best way to hear how those two songs were intended to sound.

In early 2006, an idea struck them, which eventually would turn into the best night of their career. Vaughan decided that he would organise for Mortification to come from the Eastern States and play a gig or two in Perth. This set in motion a whole set of communications, paperwork and fundraising. Grave Forsaken are one of the few metal bands in the world who would wash cars to raise money for a gig: a real testament to their humility and dedication to their ministry. As time went along, it looked more and more likely that the tour would go on, and one Thursday afternoon, Mortification arrived at the airport in Perth.

The very next day, Friday night, will forever be in the memory of all involved. At old abandoned giant screen movie theater, Grave Forsaken opened for Mortification, under a giant metal cross. Mortification's set blew us all away that night. Despite what has been said about their last few albums, the current line-up and material from Erasing the Goblin is brilliant, and makes for a very awesome live show. Vaughan et al also organised another Mort gig the next night, but Grave Forsaken didn't play, but rather two well known local bands, as GF wanted to just kick back and enjoy the night. If the mention of a large metal cross sounds familiar, you'd be right, as it is on the cover of Mort's Live Humanitarian album. Yes, you have Grave Forsaken and crew for enabling that to happen.

Grave Forsaken got told by all bands involved that they had done a brilliant job organising the tour, from brining Mort interstate, to getting the opening bands for the second night. In fact a few people said that it was the best prepared tour they had ever seen. Why? Grave Forsaken was honest. Their yes meant yes, and they did what they said they would do. So if you are ever thinking about visiting Perth while on tour, and want a Christian band, who live out their own message, give Vaughan a call. ;)

Also during 2006, Grave Forsaken recorded their debut album. They could not afford to go into a proper studio, but instead set up a makeshift recording studio in Vaughan's back room, and anywhere else they could find. With the help of an old friend turned producer, they recorded the album bit by bit over the first half of the year. By around August the mixing and mastering was done and the album was finished. The band was prepared to release the album independently, ad they didn't think they'd ever be able to find a label willing to distribute their brand of Jesus Metal. In what can only be seen as an answer to prayer, Steve Rowe wrote the boys a letter and said, that although he couldn't really afford to, he was willing to sign them up to his label and send the album worldwide. A dream come true for the humble Grave Forsaken. Not only did they get to open for their biggest heroes in the Christian metal world, but they were now on Steve's very own label.

The official release of the album occurred at the Black Stump (A huge Australian Christian Festival) metal night. Grave Forsaken were accepted into the festival and drove for 5 days across Australia to get to the gig, where they got to once again open for some Christian Metal greats, such as Paramaecium and Fearscape. This was another crowning moment for Grave Forsaken, which they will never forget. The still young band made such an impact that they have been welcomed back again this year (2007), along with another new band, Scourged Flesh. The major difference is that the bands will fly over instead of driving. ;)

Since Stump the band has increased the number of gigs they are playing, trying to get their name out into the secular metal scene in Perth. From local metal gigs to the 18th birthday party of your's truly, no gig was too small for them, as they are playing for God, and if even just one person goes away from the gig thinking about Christianity, the band feels they have done well. There are plenty more gigs lined up, and they are trying to get as many more gigs as possible.

Having already written more than enough songs for a new album, they are planning on recording a new album, to be released in 2008. If you can't wait that long, come and see them live to hear some of the new songs.

The members of Grave Forsaken are:

Tim Steadman - Lead Vocals
Vaughan Gregory - Guitars and Backing Vocal
Elias Salmela - Guitars and Backing Vocal
Matt Skipworth - Bass
Dave Killgalon - Drums

Thrash, Death, Doom, Heavy Metal
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