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End of Destiny

End of Destiny brings forth a wall of gut wrenching emotion that can sum up the best and worst days of your life in a single breakdown. Honest Hardcore. End of Destiny was formed in late 2005 by Patrick Daniels(guitars) and Daniel Terry(Vocals). Sharing a common vision to make honest and passionate hardcore music, they spent the rest of the year recruiting musicians. By January 2006, the lineup was fleshed with Joe Wren on drums, Buddy Reno on Bass, and Tyler Schmidt ..boards. In February, the band recorded the first demo "We The Walking Dead Brought Back to Life" , featuring the very first End of Destiny compositions. The band played several shows in The StL area before signing to Open Grave Records in March of 2006. With newly formed allies OGR , the band began writing for its debut album. In June, Tyler parted ways with the band to pursue other endeavors. The band quickly found a replacement in Mike Yahne. The Thoughtless Existence was released in January 2007. Shortly after the band vanished. Only to re emerge in 2008 showing the departure of Mike Yahne and Buddy Reno fram the band. The band welcomes new bassist Ryan Martinson. The band is currently recording their next release titled I Cyclops due out in fall of 2008.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2006 The Thoughtless Existence 7939
2006 We The Walking Dead Brought Back To Life 3137

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