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Divinefire formed in the springtime of 2004 with the colaboration of Finnish composer and drummer, Jani Stefanovic, and vocalist Christian Rivel (Narnia). Jani Stefanovic has been playing and touring with the bands Am I Blood, Sins of Omission, and Renascent.

Narnia and Veni Domine are two considerable influences for Jani, so it was a natural step to contact these two prominent bands to fulfill his musical vision. Jani had many ideas and songs that he presented to Christian Rivel, and the rest was history. Melodies and songs exploded from the duo, and within a month they had written all the material for their forth-coming debut album. They excitedly commenced the recording sessions for the album in April 2004.

Divinefire combines the heaviness from the more aggressive styles of metal with the melodies from the symphonic style of rock; while also blending in beautiful vocal harmonies. The result has been a tremendous mix and it takes the listener on an illustrious adventure and celebrated musical journey. This is a fresh, new band from Finland and Sweden, and they know how to handle and create masterful heavy metal for the new generation of metalheads!!!

The band have recently signed a great deal with King Records in Japan and the album titled Glory Thy Name was released in late November '04 in Asia, and early 2005 in the rest of the world.

The line up for Divinefire is:

Jani Stefanovic - Drums, Guitars, & Keyboards
Christian Rivel - Lead & Backing Vocals
Andreas Olsson - Bass

Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2011 Eye of the Storm 1280
2011 Eye of the Storm (Japan) 904
2008 Farewell 7400
2008 Farewell (Japan) 973
2006 Into A New Dimension 8556
2006 Into A New Dimension (Japan) 957
2005 Glory Thy Name 8718
2005 Hero 7675
2005 Glory Thy Name (Japan) 880
2005 Hero (Japan) 912

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