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Necromanicide was born in 1993 in the wake of the world Christian Death Metal explosion. Formed by the core members of Andre, Nick, Jeret and Adrian... the idea of a Malaysian Christian Metal band was made possible. The line-up was later completed with the edition of Stefan after the departure of former Bassist Robert Christopher who left the band to pursue his calling and engage himself in full time ministry.

The band started out with it's humble begining playing at small gigs, at colleges and earning a reputation for themselves. And along the way introducing it's own materials. Amongst the most notable of this college gigs was the first 'Battle of the bands' in Taylors College, 1995 Where Necromanicide won Runner-Up. The crowd was immensly pleased as the band departed from the commercial taste of the night and splattered up it's own moshing concotion of Death Metal. It was a Moshing experience to say the least. This was a great leap for the band who went on to do more gigs after that event... more doors were open and God had given the band favour with many people.

Metalcore, Industrial Grindcore
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