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The Joke?

The Joke?, Was formed in June of 1992, in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Betting in the mixture of sounds and styles of the most different and in the diversity musical influences of your members, the band acquired self personality. Following thrash-metal influences, in 1995 released the album " The death of the brittle biscuit ". In 1998 released a demo-cd, with 4 songs. In 2001, with a new members and with a more alternative sounds they released the album "BEWARE OF THE DOG ". Now the band is on the road with your new album "COCKROACH ". Released in November of 2005 also with your first video-clip Veniste, Cockroach is a production totally independent, the band was envolved in each step on the creative process. Everything that The Joke? does, we can see hunger and attitude by the sincere way with a eminently Brazilian vein.

Punk Metal, Hardcore, Alternative
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2005 Cockroach 756
2001 Beware of the Dog 690
1995 The Death Of The Brittle Biscuit 1030

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