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The Spirit That Guides Us

a new generation of rock, from heavy to heart

at the formation of the group, this european collective stood at the beginning of a new movement which melted hardcore and indierock together into emocore. beyond the poses of the nu-metal, without the great images, but with songs in which the soul is released and the heart speaks. today tstgu's music is hard to define, the band just calls it ROCK and that's what it is....

one front

tstgu is ‘all about the spirit’. mentality, lifestyle and conviction go together with the musical drive. this becomes evident from the absence of persons, for example. no front individuals, but one front in which the music is at the centre and there is room for a changeable assembly. all this happens in a international frame in cooperation with various bands.

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Shoegaze, Screamo, Metalcore, Hardcore,
The Netherlands
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