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Barren Cross

Barren Cross was one of the earlier Christian metal bands, arriving on the scene at a time where most of the world thought that Christian metal started and ended with Stryper. Rock For The King's Priest-style heaviness proved that a band didn't have to be poppy to be Christian, though their lyrics were if anything more preachy and tended to diminish their appeal among secular listeners. Though no official breakup was ever announced, the band was pretty much finished by around 1990 or so, reuniting several years later for the "Rattle Your Cage" release in 1994.


!!!!!!!!!Now Barren Cross is back on stages!!!!!!!!!!

Barren Cross will be for first time in Mexico! Leading the Exodo Festival VI playing along with other 20 bands in a gorgeus place all surrounded by mountains, forests, snow and the well known volcano La Malinche in the state of Tlaxcala Mexico, we expect your assistance!


Heavy Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2014 Birth Pangs 1388
2014 Rock for the King [Remaster] 1019
2014 Birth Pangs [Video, Download] 1001
2013 The Demos 1983-1984 1122
2013 Rattle Your Cage (Remastered Download) 174
2007 Paid in Blood - The Very Best of Barren Cross 1793
2003 State of Control 597
1994 Rattle Your Cage 12426
1990 Hotter Than Hell Live 10479
1990 Rock For The King 2149
1989 State of Control 11501
1989 Out Of Time / State Of Control (SINGLE) 1155
1989 State Of Control 1371
1988 Atomic Arena 11972
1986 Rock For the King 11346
1985 Believe (EP) 2214
First Demo 868

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Mar 5, 2014 10:39:56 PM
I think no one will deny that the brand vocals by Mike Lee (Michael Drive) are so similar to the Bruce Dickinson's one, and also the music is very Maiden-ish
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