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1982 Richard Lynch and drummer Gene McClindon find themselves with a desire and the dream of playing Heavy Metal for the Lord. During this time Richard was writting material and seized the name SAINT. Gene contacted a friend who was to to play guitar and could sing well, his name Josh Kramer. Josh was a great guitarist and had quite the voice. They played an audition in LA for Steve Archer but were told to practice and maybe some other time. Richard told them there would be no other time for them and they left. This is when the idea of there own label birthed. 1984 Born was the new label Rotten Records and the EP Warriors of the Son. John Mahan joins the band and two years of musical drummers start, too many to name. 1986 the band signs a contract with Pure Metal and releases its 2nd LP "Time's End" With drummer Mike Lowery out of the band just one week before recording, Brian Willis is the hired (on loan from the band Quarter Flash) 1989 "Too Late for Living" is released, guitarist Dee Harrington and drummer John Perrine join the effort. The Band is now on an all time roll and mysteriously folds??? 1998 Richard Lynch and Dee Harrington regroup with singer Tim Lamberson and put out the EP "The Perfect Life" then in 2003 Josh Kramer while working on his play "Nicolas" was contacted by Richard Lynch. They added new guitarist Jerry Johnson and returned to their traditional metal roots. In 2004 In the Battle was released as SAINT Officially re-groups as a band. Right of the heels of In the Battle, all the original members re-recorded "Warriors of the Son" which included 2 new songs. More to come....

Late in 2018 Josh Kramer retired from singing and Dave Nelson took over lead vocals on "The Calf".

Matt Smith joined on guitar for Broad Is The Gate

Classic Metal, Power Metal
Salem OR USA
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Feb 12, 2014 09:29:45 PM
As good as these guys have been, the one they are working on now will be the best ever! I just wish it would hurry up and get here!
Feb 15, 2014 08:20:41 PM
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