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Seventh Angel

Seventh Angel was a progressive thrash band from England. They released several demos, two full-length albums and a few songs on some compilations before breaking up in the 1990's. Guitarist/vocalist Ian Arkley went on to form Ashen Mortality before briefly joining Australian doom band Paramaecium. He is now in the doom/death band My Silent Wake.

2008 saw the reunion of Seventh Angel with former members Ian Arkley, drummer Tank, guitarist Simon Bibby and bassist Mark Broomhead. The band toured and a new CD followed the next year.

thrash metal, heavy metal, doom
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2009 The Dust of Years 898
2008 The Torment (Metal Mind) 527
2008 Lament For The Weary (Metal Mind) 526
2005 Heed The Warning + Live 1435
2005 The Torment (Re-Issue) 368
2005 Lament for the Weary (Limited Edition Remaster) 116
1991 Lament for the Weary 4023
1990 Heed The Warning (demo) 969
1990 The Torment 4087
1989 The Rehearsal Demo 745
1989 Seventh Angel 921

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