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The Clergy

From the Boot To Head Records website:

Few bands are able to make their way back from the dead, and still be as vibrant, intriguing, and poignant as they were when they began, let alone almost 10 years since their last record. The Clergy have done just that, and are prepared to welcome in a whole new generation of fans.

The Clergy forged their way into the hearts of the masses in the early 90's with their infectious blend of female fronted authentic punk rock (you know back when punk wasn't boxed into this cookie cutter mold it took on later), mixed with art/indie rock and the early "northwest fuzz/ grunge" sounds that took the world by storm...

Well, they're back, and "All Who Fly" take the best elements of the classic Clergy sound, mixed with their most passionate and powerful songwriting to date... filled with driving rhythms and swells of distortion which build and climax into beautiful and complex layers of sound completed in perfection with emotive, sometimes gritty, punk influenced female vocals.

punk, indie rock, grunge
Portland, Oregon
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Year Title Rating Views
2005 All Who Fly 1009
1993 Ruami 1246
1993 Fill'er Up Mister 868
1991 Tender, Soft & Milky 912
1991 Live in Chi-Rho 885

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