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Dedication... One word that captures all that Betrayer stands for. From the humble begins of Swarm, which first united founding members Jeff Klingbeil (lead vocals, guitars) and Shawn Bastien (drums & percussion), Betrayer has maintained a focus on its goals. The current Betrayer lineup, including Bill Lozon (guitars) and Norm Michaud (bass, backup vocals) embodies the determination and passion for metal music that resides in each member of the band.

As a power trio, Betrayer released their debut, eight-track demo - Rusted Icons - in 2001. Following a steady stream of praise and excitement ranging across North America, Asia, and Europe, the band built up a tremendous amount of support from fans and supporters across the globe.

Following the addition of Lozon's blistering abilities, Betrayer's sound followed its blossoming potential. Captivating melodies, thunderous rhythm work, and layered harmonies increasingly became trademarks of Betrayer's sound that captured the attention of numerous fans live and online.

Betrayer's noteworthy accomplishments include performances as an opening act for metal legends Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio, Motorhead and performances at such acclaimed venues as the Molson Amphitheatre, Opera House, Phoenix Plaza, the Toronto Molson Indy, and Windsor's Capitol Theater. The band has also been reviewed in such publications as Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Recording magazine, as well as numerous webzines and radio stations across North America and Europe.

Having built upon their successes while continuing to strive towards higher goals, Betrayer has utilized the capabilities of the Internet and savvy web-based promotions to further their exposure to fans around the world. Boasting an interactive street team with hundreds of members and growing daily, Betrayer has support from every continent and dozens upon dozens of countries, states, and provinces.

Following the foundation of these successes Betrayer released their eagerly anticipated follow-up effort to Rusted Icons, the Shadowed Force EP. Featuring an impressive evolution of the band's sound, technique, songwriting abilities, and production values, the EP has received incredible and astounding praise.

Into the unknown, Betrayer is focused and determined to realize their hopes and dreams. Uncompromising their values and integrity, maintaining their passion for the music, and remembering their roots and objectives are what drive these musicians as they prepare to take on the world with all they have to offer.

Focused and determined to achieve their lofty expectations, Betrayer ventures into the future on the wings of new sound. With a clear and decisive vision, Betrayer remains dedicated to challenging trends and themselves.

Power metal, thrash metal
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2012 Betrayer 887
2005 Shadowed Force 2849
2001 Rusted Icons 6678

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