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The Crucified

Formed in the mid-80's, The Crucified followed the crossover trend of punk-metal into the Christian world, releasing 2 demos, very much punk in nature, which would later be re-released in 1994 on the album "Nailed". Their first official release, their self-titled album, changed the face of christian crossover metal forever and their final recording "The Pillars Of Humanity", a much more speed metal thrash album, made them legends which many bands still emulate even years later.

Crossover Thrash, Punk, Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 The Crucified (Vinyl) 1259
2012 Nailed (Vinyl) 1162
2011 The Pillar of Humanity (20th Anniversary, vinyl) 1079
2009 The Complete Collection (boxed set) 1269
2009 The Pillars Of Humanity (Re-Issue) 922
1999 The Power of God (demo) 1421
1994 Nailed/Take up Your Cross 17963
1991 Pillars of Humanity 11376
1989 The Crucified 12873
1989 Live at the New Order E.P. 5296
1987 Nailed (demo) 1322
1987 Take Up Your Cross (demo) 1084
1985 KGB (demo) 828

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