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Apostles of Rock

Apostles of Rock is a ministry of Living Word Outreach Inc., a not-for-profit Christian Ministry. The bands main purpose is to positively influence the lives of people through the sharing of the gospel.

This will be accomplished by sharing the Biblical message of Jesus in song. We believe in today's society that spirituality is more important than ever. Forming a relationship with the Son of God can bring about a complete transformation. This transformation affects the whole person spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Since 1992 the Apostles of Rock ministry has been primarily directed toward the lost, afflicted, needy, destitute, addicted, abandoned, and forgotten people of this world.
We are concerned with the outcasts of society, the so-called throwaway people. By ministering to these hurting people we strive to bring them hope, joy, and peace.
Our musical program consists of rallies at youth centers, nursing homes, parks, schools, business centers, institutions, and correctional facilities.
We labor to ensure that these events are absolutely free of charge. Through networking with these community based organizations, their members and families, we labor to bring light to the world.

Chicago area
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