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Hilastherion started back in 2003 when Anders Olin and William Rönn came togheter and pondered about an idea to create a band as melodic as possible together with uplifting lyrics. Anders composed some songs (Taken from Darkness, Jesus rules and See The Pain in His Face) and pretty fast William came up with some good music to them. Also their first gig was at a local club during that fall. Then everything halted for some months until Anders met guitar virtuoso Niclas Buss and asked him if he was interested in joining forces with Hilastherion. Happily he accepted the offer and started making both new songs and add some melodic solos to the former ones. Then again some time passed by, members left and new were found. Slow is a word Anders often used to describe Hilastherion's movement during that time. But suddenly in the year 2006 things started to kick off serioulsy. During the spring he wrote many new songs and finally during the summer 2006 he started recording them.

Niclas Buss - rhythm & lead guitars, vocals
William Rönn - rhythm guitars, vocals
Henrik Fellman - bass
Anders Bengs - Keyboards
Joel Björkstrand - drums

Death Metal, Death, Melodic Death Metal
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2014 Signs Of The End 501
2007 Taken From Darkness 4845

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