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Dual Edge

Scott Turner - Lead Vocals
Rick Wald - Guitars, Backing Vocals
John Avery - Bass, Backing Vocals
Terry Steinmeyer - Drums. Backing Vocals

Dual Edge got its start by recording a demo tape before becoming the first band to sign with Intense Records (the same label that also brought us Deliverance and Sacred Warrior). Knock ‘Em Alive, the bands 1987 full length Intense debut, is a re-mixed version of the demo in question with the track “Open Your Eyes” replaced by “Follow Your Dreams”. Playing an eighties influenced blend of melodic metal and hard rock. Lead vocalist Scott Turner contributes a good raspy and melodic tinged vocal style. Lead guitarist Rick Wald is by far the bands most talented musicians. Quite the exciting shredder, he can really cut loose with some fiery lead work which is best displayed on “New Life” and “Take It To The Bank”. It is too bad we have never heard from this guy again. Bassist John Avery and drummer Terry Steinmeyer round out the rhythm section

Melodic Metal
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Year Title Rating Views
1987 Knock 'Em Alive 1775
1987 Knock Em Alive [Demo] 949

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