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Century Sleeper

Century Sleeper is the name of the brand new collaboration between James Allin of Visionaire and Ian Arkley of Ashen Mortality/Seventh Angel/Paramaecium.

The idea for Century Sleeper initially came about after Ian and James began emailing each other due to a mutual appreciation of each other's work. Ian states "we both share a lot of common ground and a love of emotive, heavy music such as My Dying Bride and we got to know one another very well via email and phone conversations. We hadn't actually met prior to the recording of Awaken, but it all came together excellently and we got on with each other very well. We had a very full and productive time recording our debut album and it was extremely rewarding to see these songs coming together so well after all the hard work we had put into writing and preparing for this project"

The band is an unusual collaboration as Ian is based in England, and James in America.


James Allin - keys, drums, guitar, bass, background vocals, engineering and production

Ian Arkley - lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, bass, e-bow

Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
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