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Betrayal was started by Marty guitarist Marcus L. Colon as a thrash band. The band broke up in the mid-90's after a serious of tragedies while on tour. The worst happened when a wheel flew off their band trailer hitting another car and killing a person. In the late 90's Marcus felt the need to resurrect the Betrayal name, releasing a new CD that was a completely different style of music (industrial/goth). Marcus was at that time the only original member and remains the sole member of Betrayal.

power metal, thrash metal, industrial
Van Nuys, CA
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Year Title Rating Views
2002 In Remembrance of Me 1154
2000 The Passing of Time 1033
1999 Leaving Nevermore 1250
1993 The Passing 4972
1992 Fear Be Gone & Fallen Deceived 820
1991 Renaissance By Death 4693
1989 Reviling Darkness 998

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