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Lament is a Mexican Christian death metal band
Lament started out in 1993, then under the name of Beheaded. They even released their first demo using that name. Later on they found out that another band was already using that name, so they changed it in 1996. This Mexican band found their niche playing death metal mixed with power metal. But the main reason for creating this band was to bring the Word of God to the Mexican metalheads. Lament was the first Christian extreme metal band in Mexico, and they have continued to spread the word to the unsaved ever since.

Death, Thrash Metal
Mexico City, Mexico
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 Left Behind [EP] 296
2011 Renaissance 325
2009 Through the Reflection (Bombworks) 374
2007 14 Year Rocking the World 709
2002 Breathless 856
1999 Through The Reflection 1093
1997 Tears Of A Leper 2908
1995 El Valle de la Decision 694

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