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As drummer, songwriter and cofounder of Tourniquet since its inception in 1990, Ted's aggressive, musical, and often unorthodox approach to the drums has been recognized by thousands. Ted grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and began to play drums at age 12. The readers of HM Magazine voted him "Favorite Drummer" for 10 years in a row, and again in 2003. Ted has twice been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine.

Ted's philosophy of treating the drums as a musical instrument - not just a noisy timekeeper - makes sense in light of the fact that he has written the music and lyrics for fifteen of Tourniquet's #1 singles, in addition to the songs that bring out the technical, melodic, and eccentric side of the band. He is well known for his ability to create and execute polyrhythms within the framework of songs and for his advanced double bass technique.

Besides the normal influence of other drummers, Ted's unique style developed from other more unconventional sources. As a great admirer of the classical masters, he has incorporated the staccato bursts of Scarlatti's harpsichord sonatas, the counterpoint of Bach's fugues, and the explosiveness of Beethoven's symphonies into his playing.

As a traveler to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Amazon Basin of Western Brazil, Malaysia, Taiwan, Ecuador, the Solomon Islands and other far off lands in search of butterflies and other insects, the fantastic and repetitive sounds of the jungle have influenced his drumming as well. For the often requested acoustic sets Tourniquet occasionally performs, Ted plays 6 or 12 string guitar.

1. A surgical device for arresting hemorrhage by compression of a blood vessel.
2. A lifelong spiritual process by which a personal God, through the atoning blood, death, and resurrection of His only Son-Jesus Christ-can begin to stop the flow of going through life without knowing and serving our Creator. HE IS OUR TOURNIQUET.

The band name is based on Psalms 147:3

Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2018 Gazing at Medusa 122
2015 Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance 940
2014 Onward To Freedom 1239
2014 Onward To Freedom [Limited Rhino Cover] 984
2013 Antiseptic Bloodbath (voiceless) 1355
2012 Antiseptic Bloodbath 8460
2011 Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (Reissue) 9955
2011 Stop The Bleeding (Vinyl Re-Issue) 7771
2011 Psychosurgery (Vinyl Re-Issue) 7028
2011 Stop the Bleeding (Vinyl Re-issue Limited Edition) 7675
2011 Psychosurgery (Vinyl Re-issue Limited Edition) 6804
2010 Live In California (DVD) 1067
2010 Live In California 9137
2008 Crawl to China (Reissue) 10697
2006 Till Sverige Med Karlek (DVD) 2041
2004 Circadian Rhythms (DVD) 2144
2004 Vanishing Lessons (Reissue) 12285
2003 Where Moth And Rust Destroy 10516
2003 Ocular Digital (DVD) 3774
2001 Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (Reissue) 9287
2001 Psychosurgery (Reissue) 9665
2001 Stop The Bleeding (Reissue) 11281
2000 Video Biopsy 2000 (VHS) 1802
1999 Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm 14330
1998 Acoustic Archives 9563
1998 Live in California (VHS) 1743
1997 Crawl to China 15217
1997 Guitar Instructional Video (VHS) 1524
1996 Collected Works 12915
1995 Carry the Wounded 6589
1995 Pushin' Broom (VHS) 1557
1994 Vanishing Lessons 11278
1993 Intense Live Series, Volume 2 6209
1993 Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (Metal Blade) 9412
1992 Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance 14144
1992 Video Biopsy (VHS) 1584
1991 Psycho Surgery 10326
1990 Stop the Bleeding 12349
1990 Ark of Suffering (VHS) 1284

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