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Eternal Mystery

Eternal Mystery is a one-man Christian deathgrind project that was once a hybrid extreme metal project combining black, death, and doom metal. The project consists of Broc Toney doing all instruments and vocals. Unlike most deathgrind projects and bands, ExMx's old-school grindcore influences outweigh the death metal influences. ExMx started out as a 2-piece project, then with the addition of a bass player, became a 3-piece. The 3-piece lineup was short-lived and split apart within about 3 months. The original vocalist had to leave due to personal reasons and lack of time for the band. About 4 months later, the bass player had to leave because of lack of time.

All of ExMx's drums are programmed.

Other releases:
4-Way Noise Explosion
6-Way Sin Decomposition split

Blackened Death/Doom (old), Grindcore, Deathgrind
Franklinton, Louisiana
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2009 Split with Fleischwald 815
2008 The Ultimate Death Sentence 20665
2008 Split w/ Insomnia Isterica 8077
2008 This Means War EP 1059
2007 Bruised For Our Transgressions 1078
2007 2-Way Perversion Holocaust 18084
2006 Behold a Pale Horse 5335
2006 The Coming Armageddon Holocaust 1200
2005 Demo 2005 1005

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