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Sotahuuto derives from a band called Catrabbits. The name change was done in fall 2003. We released one EP and two full-lengths with the old name, all indie releases. Nowadays the music style is somewhere around attitude metal, with HC-influences. The upcoming album is released through a record label and the thing has gone more serious in every way.

The bands line-up has been intact since the end of 2002, when Taneli joined the band as Tero (Luiste) had left. We also got our own mixer in early 2004, as Jukka joined the gang. So the band currently consists of vocalist Retu, guitarists Pekka and Taneli, drummer Eero, bassist Matti and mixer Jukka.

In Easter 2004 we recorded a demo, which was never released. And it was only meant to promote our current music to gig promoters; as our last album had already been out for a year and a half. This demo helped a lot recording our upcoming album, because the songs were now properly looked through and improved. The upcoming album will thus be our first release with the current name Sotahuuto.

metal, melodic death metal, hardcore, Metalcore, Deathcore
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2009 Vastarintaan 610
2007 Ihmisen Jalki 4613
2005 Sotahuuto 4425

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