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Believer was formed in early 1986 by guitarist/vocalist, kurt bachman and friend and drummer Joey daub. Originally starting out, they played a more melodic metal style and quickly released a demo cassette called "The Return". It wasn't long before they found their calling as a thrash/metal band and began to write material that would soon take the world by surprise.

In 1989 "Extraction from Mortality" was released upon the unsuspecting Christian market through REX music, a then popular Christian label. It didn't take long for the technical thrash metal style to catch on and Believer had sunk its teeth deep into the industry and set a standard far above the rest. They began touring, both with Christian and secular (non-Christian) bands and gaining fans around the world. The receptive response of their innovative style spilled over into the mainstream market and stirred interest in Road Runner Records, which quickly led to their signing.

In 1990 "Sanity Obscure", Believers second full length CD was released on both REX Music and Road Runner Records. With its anti-drug themed song "Stop the madness" (later released as a single) and anti-pollution song "Non-point" Believer fans were not disappointed by the evolving emotional music that it produced. Adding the symphony/orchestra master piece "Dies Irae", they fused thrash, violins and opera all conglomerated into an artful construction of originality. Believer toured the United States and Europe in support of this record gaining even more popularity and recognition.

After 3 years and a partial line up change Believer released their long awaited third album. In 1993 "Dimensions" was released on both REX Music and Road Runner Records. This would be the bands final album and they received a Dove nomination in the, best metal album of the year, category. Wyatt Robertson and Dave Baddorf were replaced with new bassist Jim Winters and Scott Laird (who was involved with all the Believer albums and a long time friend of Kurt Bachman) picked up the violin. With "Dimensions", Believer showed they once again had evolved and as opposed to the emotional onslaught found on "Sanity Obscure" they created a very thought provoking and intellectual album. With lyrics that ponder the philosophies of Freud, Altizer, and Sarte on the existence of God to lyrics that proclaims that Possibility cannot account for actuality and that whatever happens is caused in order to be, one can not mistake Believers uncanny ability to write progressive music. They successfully combine thrash and speed, with thoughtful and intelligent lyrics. Perhaps the highlight of the Dimensions album would be the Trilogy of Knowledge, which contains four songs covering the fall of man and the life of Christ. This use of orchestration and operatic vocals once again adds many dimensions to the world of Believer, writing them down in history as one of the greatest bands in the progressive thrash metal genre.

Although there was never an official break up, in the mid 90's Believer fell off the radar and left behind a unparalleled legacy that will never be forgotten. According to Joey Daub's website, the members agreed to mutually disband.

Following the disbandment; Bachman and Daub did production work out of their Trauma Studios in Pennsylvania for such artists as Turmoil and Living Sacrifice. Eventually, Kurt Bachman went on to pursue a career, while Joey Daub continued on with his music career.

To date: Kurt can be found at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, while Joey is a member of Fountain of Tears and a side project called Year of Plenty. Here are some recent quotes from Joeys website

"...Kurt and I got together recently and finished up our first new believer tune! And there are two other tunes in process. We are both enjoying writing and we like the direction the material is going. Due to all that is going on with our schedules, it is difficult to get together a lot. However, we will continue to put time aside for this project. One last thing, if anyone has or knows anyone who has any bootlegged believer concerts or footage of the band please get in touch with me. We are trying to gather this for a possible dvd."

Band members and former members:

Kurt Bachman - Vocals/guitar
(All albums)

Joey Daub - Drums
(All Albums)

Dave Baddorf - Guitars
(Extraction From Mortality & Sanity Obscure)

Bass Guitar - Wyatt Rboertson
(Sanity Obscure)

Bass Guitar - Howe Kraft
(Extraction From Mortality)

Bass Guitar - Jim Winters

Violin - Scott Laird
(Dimensions and songs Extraction From Mortality and Dies Irae)

Vocals - Julianne Laird
(Dies Irae and Trilogy of Knowledge: The Lie, The Truth and The Key)

Thrash Metal, Progressive
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Year Title Rating Views
2011 Transhuman 1491
2009 Gabriel 9504
2007 Sanity Obscure (Re-Issue) 1606
2007 Dimensions (Re-Issue) 1377
2007 Extraction From Mortality (Re-Issue) 1743
2005 Sanity Obscure (Retroactive Re-Issue) 1140
2005 Dimensions (Retroactive Re-Issue) 1003
2001 Extraction From Mortality 1341
1993 Dimensions (Roadrunner) 11046
1993 Dimensions 1979
1991 The Ultimate Collectors Video (VHS) 1615
1990 Sanity Obscure 10227
1990 Stop the Madness (CD-S) 1748
1989 Extraction from Mortality 12451
1988 The Return (demo) 2155

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