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Transfigural Form

Transfigural Form is a one man band, the brainchild of Todd Pope.

Todd Pope presents in his lyrics the unadulterated Truth of God's Love and Justice, regardless of who will take offense. Sadly many Christian's tend to focus solely upon the God's Love for us and forget all about the other, sin hating, side of God. A listen to Transfigural Form will soon remind you of the full character of God.

Thrash, Death
SAINT PAUL, Minnesota
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2008 The Destructive Collection (compilation) 571
2007 Unreleased Material 01 - 07 759
2007 A Trilogy Of Destruction (EP) 655
2006 Destroyed With Blood 1177
2006 Destroyed 686
2005 Blood 3975
2002 Refusal 6400
2001 State of Decay 8607
2001 State Of Decay (promo) 744
2000 Sinborn Conscience 1997

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