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VIXIVI started as a one-man band, by Zestigma, back in 98. Winter 98/99 the demo "Søkende Sjel" was recorded and released at the same time. In the spring 99 the was a new demo recorded titled "Spiritual Modification". It was released the same summer. Autumn 99 the demo "Forever, Eternal" was recorded, and relesed winter 00. The demo was supposed to be released as an album on Terathrone Productions the same spring, but this never saw the light of day. VIXIVI released a split with the "Forever, Eternal" material together with a russian band later in `00. Spring and summer `00 the demo "Annexus" was recorded. Zestigma was not satisfied with this record, so it was never released. Autumn `00 the demo-album "Sweet Kiss And Faraway Dreams" was recorded and finished. It released in January 2001, showing a really experimental and different side of the project. June 2001 Zestigma decided to end VIXIVI. Many have later asked for some new material from this band, and "Sweet Kiss..." has been asked for from many corners of the world. In light of this there was a full orchestral disc recorded in 2002, which was supposed to be the official latest disc from VIXIVI. Noone has ever seen or heard anything from these recordings, and only the future will show if it will ever be available. Autumn `03, VIXIVI returns with a brand new disc, titled "Death Circus", which is a really original piece of brutal death/black and atmospheric metal. It was kept a secret to this very day, but the world now shouts out for this one! Noone really can explain why, but "Death Circus" never saw the day of light. However, 2005 shows a new fresh area, the stuff is available as we speak...

black metal, death metal, experimental
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2003 Death Circus 1595
2001 Sweet Kiss & Far Away Dreams 1410
2000 Forever Eternal 1105
1999 Søkende Sjel 857

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