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Based out of western Pennsylvainia, Neocracy began, we'll say in 2002. Starting out as a three peice the band began playing local shows now and agian. The more material that was written and the more shows that we're played made the band realize the only way for expansion was another guitar player. So in april 2004 they became a four peice and have been growing ever since. Their live show became more intense then ever before and their material has expanded and developed far beyond their expectations and it continues to do so. With an insane stage presence and pounding metal in-your-face sound the band continues to play as many shows as possible any where they can, and strives to get their name out there and their voices heard.

Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Metalcore
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Year Title Rating Views
2008 The Instinct For Conflict 3605
2006 Instruments of Abandon 6412
2005 Burning An Empire 1063

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