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About July 2002 somewhere in the Southern Poland the guitarist Asia (Xaria), the bassist Adam (Anhell) and the vocalist Wojtek (Wavoc) started a new band. At the beginning we were supported by the drummer Harry, who also plays with our friends from the Kadath the lost city, and Piotrek (Ramzes) - the keyboard player. However nice, it was a very short cooperation. Soon they were replaced by the drummer Mort and the keyboard specialist - Arek. They became the very stable element of the group, which was finally called Luminaria. Etymology of this word leads us to the Latin word "lumen" - light, which expresses our distancing from the fascination of the gloom and the nihilistic attitudes.

The five of us started to compose tracks for our first Demo CD called "Arche". As we are keen on different artistic activities, we decided to entrust Demo graphics to Wojtek Blasiak. Greetings pal, great job.

gothic metal
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