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Fountain Of Tears

December 1999, by Christian Rademaker

In my opinion, the global progressive metal scene is becoming over-saturated with Dream Theater-clones. This makes the quest for new and original music within this genre increasingly difficult. However, sometimes, just by pure chance, you stumble upon a certain band name that captivates and tantalizes you. Fountain of Tears was such a band name...

Fountain of Tears' self-titled was released in the autumn of 1999. Coinciding with this solemn and moody time of year, it shows some of the most sublime moments in symphonic progressive metal as of late. The music is hard to categorize but I hear touches of the French band Arrakeen musically and vocally, combined with the complexity and intricacy of old Dream Theater, the mood and atmosphere of old Fear of God and the emotional beauty of Soul Cages. Curiously, this CD offers five songs with vocals while the same songs are also available as instrumentals. The talented musicianship of the individual members is combined to create several exceptional songs such as the haunting and ominous "The Sleeper" (a narration of an Edgar Allan Poe poem put to music) and the brilliant "Carousel". Apart from the independent and original song writing, an appealing aspect that sets them apart from a lot of other symphonic prog metal bands, are the beautiful vocals of Anna DeRose.

One of the most interesting facets about Fountain of Tears is the fact that the line-up consists of ex-members of Believer (drummer Joe Daub), Sacrament (guitarist Mike DiDonato and bass-player Erik Ney), and Sardonyx (keyboardist Jeff King). These were all Christian bands whose music was more or less original at the time (early nineties). Believer evolved from a thrash metal band ("Extraction from Mortality" released in 1989) to an avantgarde thrash metal band with touches of classical music on "Dimensions" in 1993. Sacrament released two CDs "Testimony of Apocalypse" in 1990 and "Haunts of Violence" while Sardonyx released one CD "Majestic Serenity" in 1992. Both of them never really managed to escape the confinements of the Christian metal community though.

Gothic, Progressive, Symphonic
Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA
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