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The 7 Method

Brewed from a melting pot of musical influence, a sense of duty and a passion for intensity, The 7 Method began to take form in late 1999. Working into their mix Metal, Funk, thrash and Hip-Hop, their distinct sound came to be. Since then, The 7 Method repeatedly brings something different and extraordinary, yet all at the same time refreshing to the stage.

Drum speeds that break the sound barrier, insanely funky bass, guitar tone that can only be described as huge, and crafted styles of vocal projection all make up the patented sound of The 7 Method. It's intense, melodic, bold and new. It's a hardcore flavor that bends the rules.

Exceeding expectations and smashing molds, The 7 Method doesn't come baring only slamming music. They have a focus and insight that is brought out through the lyrics. These personal experiences, life changing losses and gains, and inspired life principles are going to crack your mind wide open. It will be then when you find out just how much The 7 Method can make you move.

The 7 Method has changed their name to The Ascendicate & has signed with Solid State Records.

Hard Rock, Nu-Metal, Metalcore
North Carolina, USA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2005 The Enlightenment EP 904
2005 Roses Like Razorblades 2145
2004 Demo 2004 713
2003 I'll Change Tomorrow 681
2002 The 7 Method 4654

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