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Renascent (a.) Springing or rising again into being; being born again, or reproduced

Renascent was officially formed in the beginning of the year 2003, when Eero and Mikaela got in contact with Jani.

It turned out that they shared a similar idea about a new band and making new music. The decision to form Renascent was made, and within a week Voitto Rintala joined it. Jani and Eero started composing new songs with Mikaela composing her parts, and the first training session with the whole band was held during summer 2003. Though the second guitarist and the singer were still missing, the band decided to record their first MCD Demons' Quest during autumn 2003, with Eero being the temporary singer.

During summer 2004 Renascent got a singer, Barry Halldan from Sweden, and Pekka Taina as second guitar for gigs. In March 2005 Renascent recorded its first full-length album Through Darkness in Skara, Sweden.

Renascent is located at Helsinki, Finland.

Melodic Death Metal
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Year Title Rating Views
2016 Praise of the Lord God Almighty 265
2005 Through Darkness 9823
2004 Demon's Quest [EP] 4636

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