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After recording two albums with christian rockers Whiteheart in the early 80's, guitarist / vocalist Dann Huff found refuge in session work, eventually becoming one of the most requested, reliable and versatile players in the business. He quickly worked his way onto the "first-call" lists of several producers. His parts graced tracks for a ton of top artists. In 1987 he and his brother David (former drummer of Whiteheart as well) hooked up with Alan Pasqua, an experienced keyboards player which lent his talents to loads of Rock artists (Rick Springfield, Santana, Eddie Money, etc.) and Nashville session bass player Mike Brignardello to form Giant.

They eventually signed with A&M Records and released 1989's Last of the Runaways, featuring a classic, melodic hard rock sound, and which yielded a top-twenty hit with "I'll See You in My Dreams". Giant’s debut album is still regarded nowadays as one of the highest points in melodic hard rock of the end of the eighties melting diverse influences such as Van Halen, Journey and U2 to create an instantly recognizable sound. After countless tours and live performances in the US and Europe, the band found themselves on Epic for 1991's Time to Burn. Slightly more aggressive than it's predecessor, but still magnificent in the production and songwriting departments this album is also regarded as a main source of influences for many melodic and hard rock bands nowadays. Soon after the release of “Time To Burn”, Alan Pasqua decided to quit the band and went back to session work (Michael English, Kip Winger etc.). The band toured once again Europe and US without him but soon after disbanded after Dann Huff ‘s return to sessions. Besides working with countless artists including Whitesnake and Michael W. Smith, he has also produced two albums for metal giants Megadeth (which brought him a Grammy Award as best rock producer). His brother David also started to become more and more involved in the production business and thanks to a mutual friend he was introduced in 1999 to Frontiers Records managers Serafino Perugino and Mario de Riso. This eventually brought to a meeting in Chicago were the label proposed David to bring back the name and the music of such a talented and majestic band. David loved the idea and agreed to release a brand new Giant album which features 10 songs following the style of “Time To Burn” and “Last Of The Runaways”.

The resulting album “III” is a breathtaking collection of songs showcasing the immense talents of an amazing group of musicians. Giant are back and here to stay!

hard rock
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Year Title Rating Views
2010 Promise Land 1168
2003 Live And Acoustic Official Bootleg 1072
2001 III 1252
2001 Don't Leave Me In Love [EP] 975
1992 Time To Burn 1286
1992 Stay [EP] 1050
1992 Stay [Single] 973
1990 It Takes Two + Giant Live 1101
1989 Last of the Runaways 1765

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