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Immortal Souls

Immortal Souls blows the frost in and dust the snow out of your stereo. Cold landscapes of north are present in the bands storming. This is the reason why this music has been called wintermetal..

Since the beginning of their existence Immortal Souls has been known as a underground name, playing fast paced death metal with attitude. Fear Dark, label from the Netherlands released album �Ice Upon the Night� in March 2003, that was licenced to Facedown Records and album was released in USA and Canada in March 2004. Collection "Once Upon A Time in the North", featuring the first album, EP and demo songs in remastered form, was released in august 2005.

Band recorded the new album "Wintereich" and signed with new Dutch label Dark Balance in beginning of 2007. Album was released in Europe in June, and will be out in US in August by Facedown Records.

..and the Mission continues..

-From their MySpace page

Progressive, Black Metal, Death metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2015 Wintermetal 233
2011 IV The Requiem for the Art of Death 2318
2007 Wintereich 2904
2005 Once Upon A Time In The North 5214
2004 Ice Upon the Night 3221
2003 Ice Upon The Night 670
2001 Under the Northern Sky 2822
2000 The Cleansing 1500
1999 Divine Wintertime / Through The Woods, Towards The Dawn [Split] 1532
1998 Hate Sender 570
1997 Reflections Of Doom 1459
1995 Immortal Souls 641
1995 Turn or Burn 321

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