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Dogwood is relentless punk rock machinery, bent on dismantling a poorly constructed hierarchy of radio friendly faux-punk currently dominating mindsets and play-lists. They’ve been around long enough, eight years, to see commercialism and the contrived bring tragedy to a scene whose trademark was once identified by purity and ideal. Even inter-personal tales of loss and struggle have become wrought with cliché and formulaic tear-jerking. It’s in this cultural environment that Dogwood’s sincerity and credibility make most obvious the standard by which punk should be measured.

Josh Kemble - Vocals
Rob "Destro" Hann - Bass
Daniel Montoya - Guitar/Vocals
Andrew Montoya - Drums

Punk rock
Sand Diego, CA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2004 Reverse Then Forward Again 1186
2003 Seismic 8391
2001 Dogwood / This is Not a New Album 1182
2001 Matt Aragon 8813
2001 Live at Chain Reaction 1159
2000 Building a Better Me 11924
2000 Dogwood / Incomplete Split Ep 666
1999 More Than Conquerors 8754
1998 Dogwood 894
1997 Through Thick & Thin 8635
1996 Good Ol' Daze 10129

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