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Dark Lay Still

Band lineup:
Warder - Vocals
Soldat - Guitars
Sieriek - Keyboard
Ragnvald - Bass

Previous members:
Executer - Guitars
Thorvald - Drums/Percussion

Band has went through many changes, ended up breaking up sometime after the release of Prelude. The band reformed under the name X-ray of a Graveyard with more of a death/grindcore/jazz feel to it. After recording one EP under X-ray, once again they broke up. Then reformed as Shyanne, only to record one song, before changing the name to The Mircale Of... Sometime while The Miracle Of... began some members decided to "reform" Dark Lay Still as a stuido project, and to record a full-length. After recording one song, nothing else was ever heard from them...

Black metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2009 Through Hell 778
2007 A Triumphant Return 490
2005 Prelude 1082
2000 Joy in the Throes of Agony 1345

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