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Seventh Avenue

Anno Domini 1989 some teenagers have had the idea to found a band. Inspired by bands like Helloween, White-cross and Bloodgood the boys got down to work. After a little time they finished their first album, which has been published by a small label.

In 1991 was a personnel change. The singer resigned his job on the microphone. The only seventeen years old guitarist Herbie Langhans has become also the singer of the band. These circumstances made the band look for a new name and develop further their style. As Seventh Avenue the boys agreed: no following the latest fashion , no doing what all are doing. They will remain true to their principles. And these principles were unequivocal: Pure classic heavy metal.

In 1993 Seventh Avenue was publishing a demo tape for sale. The First Strike have become much more successful than expected. An US Metal magazine reviewed the First Strike as very remarkable. At the following time the band had had much shows and made itself a name in this way.

In 1994 the band intended to record their debut CD Rainbowland. But the self-production was delayed for band internal crisis. The second guitarist unexpected left the band. So Herbie had have to play all guitars on his own. But nevertheless an excellent album came onto the market with some month delay. Together with Rainbowland produced maxi single Children has become very desired because of its limited edition

Seventh Avenue offered the Rainbowland to some labels. In 1996 the band signed a contract for 2 CDs at Treasure Hunt Records. The recordings for the second CD, the Tales of Tales have started in the same year.

Encouraged by the fans and the success of the both CDs things are looking up for Seventh Avenue. Good reviews came from all over the world. The Tales of Tales made it on place number 18 in the Japanese heavy metal charts.

In 1997 the drummer Louis Schock left the band. For him came Mike Pfluger . With the guitars was also a growth. Andi Gutjahr from Lightmare helped the band out as a guest musician during the recordings of the Southgate, the third album of Seventh Avenue. The Southgate was released in summer 1998.

In 1998 were just few concerts as there were some internal differences. In addition, the recording of the EP Goodbye took up a lot of time. This EP was the result of many requests for a radio-version of the song Goodbye�. When the it was finished in February 1999 it was also a fact that Willam Hieb was leaving the band. Her-bie and Mike were alone then. But they didnt think about capitulation. Driven by ambition and trust in God they have carried on. And God have had an ear for their prayers. It hasnt take much time and a new bassist and also a new guitarist were found.

Geronimo Stade on the bass-guitar and Florian Gottsleben on the rhythm-guitar entered Seventh Avenue. One agreed from the first hour. Seventh Avenue fast worked out a live-program and after a few very successful shows it was evident: Seventh Avenue is not dead. New energy brought new ideas and new songs. In 2001 Seventh Avenue recorded the pre production for the CD Between the worlds.

Approximately at the same time Megahard Records from Sao Paulo (Brazil) bought the licences to print the Avenue CDs in Brazil. There is very much request for Seventh Avenue in South America.

At the end of 2001 they begun the recordings for the Between the worlds in the Woodwind studio. The studio shared the rooms with Seventh Avenue, the recordings were very relaxed. The singing was produced by Vic-tor Smolski (Rage), many useful advices came from Sascha Paeth (Gate Studios). In the time between November 2001 and April 2002 matured the very best CD of Seventh Avenue. The mix was made by Florian Keupp and Herbie, the mastering was made by the Skywalk studio.

Back to Germany the band signed a new deal with Massacre Records. The label took over the rights and the distribution in Europe. In the management sector the Mittelstaedt brothers took over. They introduced Seventh Avenue to Massacre Records.

Split up on September 4th, 2012.

Speed Metal, Power Metal
Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony GERMANY
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Year Title Rating Views
2011 Greatest Hits (compilation) 858
2009 Southgate (re-issue) 1308
2008 Terium 12926
2004 Eternals 11186
2002 Between the Worlds 11229
1999 Goodbye 5279
1998 Southgate 8942
1996 Tales of Tales 9767
1995 Rainbowland 10887
1995 Children (single) 4348
1993 First Strike (demo) 1073

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