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Shadow Gallery

Shadow Gallery are NOT a Christian band, but not unlike Balance of Power, King's X or Magnitude 9, their lyrics speak of spiritual matters from time to time. Some members of the band also profess to be Christians.

Current line-up
Brendt Allman - Guitar
Mike Baker - Vocals
Carl Cadden - James - Bass
Joe Nevolo - Drums
Gary Wehrkamp - Guitar/Piano/Keys

Former/past member(s)
Chris Ingles - Piano/Keys
Ron Evans - Guitar
Jon Coonie - Drums
Ben Timely - Drums (Session)
Kevin Soffera - Drums

Additional notes:
All members of Shadow Gallery have fairly successful, busy lives outside the band (several are audio engineers). As amazing as it sounds, they've never played a live show.

Progressive metal
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Similar Secular:
Dream Theater, Balance of Power

Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2009 Digital Ghosts 640
2007 Prime Cuts (compilation) 591
2005 Room V 3016
2001 Legacy 3086
1998 Tyranny 5612
1995 Carved in stone 3666
1992 Shadow Gallery 2962

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