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Shadow Gallery

Shadow Gallery are NOT a Christian band, but not unlike Balance of Power, King's X or Magnitude 9, their lyrics speak of spiritual matters from time to time. Some members of the band also profess to be Christians.

Current line-up
Brendt Allman - Guitar
Mike Baker - Vocals
Carl Cadden - James - Bass
Joe Nevolo - Drums
Gary Wehrkamp - Guitar/Piano/Keys

Former/past member(s)
Chris Ingles - Piano/Keys
Ron Evans - Guitar
Jon Coonie - Drums
Ben Timely - Drums (Session)
Kevin Soffera - Drums

Additional notes:
All members of Shadow Gallery have fairly successful, busy lives outside the band (several are audio engineers). As amazing as it sounds, they've never played a live show.

Progressive metal
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Similar Secular:
Dream Theater, Balance of Power

Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2018 The Final Hour (compilation) 253
2009 Digital Ghosts 1116
2007 Prime Cuts (compilation) 962
2005 Room V 4871
2001 Legacy 5830
1998 Tyranny 10878
1995 Carved in stone 6959
1992 Shadow Gallery 5338

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