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Parakletos is:

Smælek: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Ljungeld: Guitars, Keyboards, Drum and Bass programming, Backing Vocals
Bard: Keyboards, Bass

About the lyrics
Parakletos has created a concept album about one of the most fascinating stories ever written. Telling about Jesus Christ, who had one single mission - to save mankind from eternal death and suffering.
With indepth studies of the scriptures they've managed to create a story which will make the listener to actually realize what Jesus went through. From joyful situations, when he showed his endless love to mankind, to the suffering moments before his own fate - to be tortured and crucified.

About the music
Basicly the music could be called melodic symphonic black metal, but Parakletos' music is far more than just that.
Taking influences from bands like Cradle of Filth and Antestor, to combine it with their own unique sound. They have created something fresh which fill feed the hungry black metal fans out there.

Parakletos has created an album filled with great music skills, but more importantly they've created an album that gives this world something it lacks - hope!

Black metal
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2018 Se Guds Lamm 373
2004 Offerlammets Makt 9955

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