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Other than the 1989 Totally Possessed album, Thresher also released an excellent original on R.E.X.'s "Demolition" Compilation, and a track on the "Underground Metal II" compilation on Regency Records.

From their Myspace:

Stumbled into the Christian Rock scene in a band called Lazarus back in 1983(I think, so long ago I can't remember) We did some regional stuff and recorded a cassette demo called "Breaking into the Night". This opened a lot of doors for me and my writing began to flow in a direction of outreach to the metal crowd. After Lazarus, I went into hiding for several years and was writing a lot. Having a number of tunes and wanting to record them I hooked up with my good friend, Dave Kurtz of Lifeline. I met Dave thru Jeff Newman, my good friend who drummed for Lazarus. Dave had an 8 track studio in his basement and we struck up a deal to record what later would become the "Totally Possessed" demo. I traded Dave an old marshall combo amp with camo speaker cover for recording time, a pretty good trade on my end, I think Dave just wanted to hang out and he knew I was a great cook. Well in the process of that we felt something stirring from the Lord and began to pursue a band which became Thresher. We talked Jeff into stretching into a whole new style, which actually it was a new style for all of us. We had never played speed metal and Jeff was into the Talking Heads, the Who, Rush, and alot of other classic rock groups. Dave was trained classically on trumpet and piano and I think his favorite group was Meatloaf, ha, ha.(just kidding) I think this was in 1985-86, and we performed and did some recording until the fall of 1991. Our passion became to play a style that took some work(we were old guys even back then) and to incorporate a strong gospel message lyrically. Much of the secular thrash of the day was pretty dark and much of the christian metal seemed superficial in message content. We had recorded a full length cd project before the dismantling came but we never got that out there. So in talking with Dave recently, we felt this stuff is still very current and should be out there. We are not sure what "out there" means at this point, but for a start I thought I would give it some motion on myspace and see what comes of it. We would love to hear from you if you have any old Thresher stories or if you are interested in getting your hands on some Thresher music.

Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal
Pennsylvania, USA
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2009 Here I Am 1707
1989 Totally Possessed 2536
1985 Unreleased Demo 1113

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