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XL And Death Before Dishonor

XL (found on several albums by Christian rap pioneers SFC) comes out with his own album, filled with some of the heaviest, coolest music ever.

Todd "XL" Stevens - Writer/Vocals/Lead Guitars
Eric Stevens - Bass
Tony Stevens - Drums/Percussion

XL & DBD are an early example of rapcore, the mixing of metal and rap. Todd 'XL' Stevens is the lead guitarist and the primary songwriter. XL can be seen as a veteran, since he's been active since the early 1990s in holy hip hop. The name XL was given to Todd Stevens by the Dynamic Twins in 1990, because of his size. The bandname DBD stands for Death Before Dishonor.

rap, thrash metal, rapcore
Calfornia, USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2019 Offensive Truth, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 145
2016 Offensive Truth, Vol. 1 873
2016 Offensive Truth, Vol. 2 913
2002 Live From Nineveh...What Next? 1423
1993 Sodom and America 3223
1991 This Isn't Your Ordinary Everyday Rap 794

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