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Pastor Brad

Pastor Brad graduated from High School in 1985... right in the heart of the 80s "heavy metal craze!" He cut is heavy metal guitar playing teeth listening to classic metal/rock guitarists like Angus Young (AC/DC), Randy Rhoads (Ozzy), Ace Frehley (Kiss) and Adrian Smith & Dave Murray (Iron Maiden). In 1987 P.B. surrendered his heart to Jesus--and since that day all of his heavy metal rocking has been for THE ROCK! If you enjoy the classic, 80s style heavy metal sound--you'll love P.B.'s music! TO READ WHAT PEOPLE LIKE: Richar Lynch of SAINT, Dennis Cammeron of: ANGELICA/MICHAEL SWEET and many others are saying... GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!

FOR STARTERS: I really am a Pastor! I pastor the Michiana Community Church of God, in Granger Indiana. You can give me a ring there (Tuesday--Thursday) @ 574-679-9464. My greatest passion in life is to help people find the awesome, life changing peace, joy and life that Jesus offters to all of us! So if you ever have any questions about God, life, the Bible, etc ASK ME! Email: [email protected]

80's metal, heavy metal, hard rock, Shred
Pennsylvania, USA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2017 Storm The Gates 2 96
2017 Crush 55
2016 Storm The Gates 215
2015 First Impressions 207
2014 Lemonade 262
2012 Back to the Shredder 414
2012 Essentials: 2003-2011 (compilation) 267
2010 Break Out! 494
2010 Best Of The Rest 331
2009 Christmas Shred (EP) 494
2008 Heavenly Shred 459
2007 Reshredded 580
2007 Shredded Sweet 439
2005 Telecaster 722
2005 The King Has Come 705
2005 Shred 622
2004 Out of the Hellhole 766
2004 Rock You Up 528
2003 Get Real 642

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