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Holy Saint

Formed in Rochester, NY in 1986. Holy Saint stuck around for nearly a decade even though they were never afforded the opportunity to record for a proper label. Towards the end of their existanec they band moved to Nashville, TN and changed their name a couple times. (Final Judgement, ZOĆ©-SOZO)

added on 12/8/08
Holy Saint was a pioneering Christain metal band spanning the late 80's to the early 90's. The band members, Chris Brooks/vocals, Radical Rod/guitar, Bruce Atomic/drums, and Pat Tharp/bass; toured both regioanlly and nationally preaching the uncompromising and life changing gospel of Jesus Christ; as well as some great metal for their time. While the band is no more, the lives they touched, the music they played, and the message they preached lives on!

melodic metal, heavy metal
Rochester, NY
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1990 Holy Saint 1515
1987 Sound the Alarm (demo) 1580

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